Saturday, April 10, 2010

Episode 9: Adam's Facebook Page, D&D Animated Series, GI Joe

It's Allergy season nerds... feel the pain.  Time to celebrate the earth's rebirth after winter with some over the counter allergy meds.

One of our dedicated listeners pointed out Adam had a Facebook page, Adam buys the D&D animated series DVD, more GI Joe racism, nerd books, and what the hell is up with the proposed California alcohol tax.

Yes it's that time of the week folks.  Spread the word... we want to grow this thing and we need your help!

Episode 7: Enchanted Arms, Abe Lincoln and God Of War 3

God of War 3, Bargain Bin Games, Enchanted Arms 2, Popcorn Chewing, Web Emulators, Abe Lincoln, Can you put a prosthetic hand in the dishwasher?, Are people getting dumber?

As always, be warned... contains adult language and potentially explicit content.